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When it comes to backpacking, most of us (not just men) have one thing on our mind as a definite on our 'to do list' - and I don't just mean encountering new cultures.

With the help of a good friend, who I'd refer to as a backpacker in the truest sense of the word, who has been traveling the world for several years, I have compiled a list of the 5 Most Liberating Party Destinations on Earth.

Here they are:

5. Carnival, Rio De Janeiro

If you haven't heard of this Carnivale', you are more than likely living in a cave.

This is the world's most sensuous, vibrant, pulsating party on the planet.

Get ready to explode with joy and music as you move your body to the sensuous vibes
of Samba!

No one does sex appeal like the South Americans.

Although it is not so cheap to fly here, once you get to South America you'll find it much more affordable and suitable for backpackers / travelers on a budget than Europe or the US etc.

You can find tickets and all the details to the parade here http://www.rio-carnival.net/

Also, make sure you pre-book a hostel to stay at so you have a good place to crash after some hard partying. You can compare all the party hostels, prices and ratings of hostels here. Personally I recommend the "Ocean Inn" ;).

4. Full Moon Party, Thailand.

The famous or infamous Thai Full Moon Party is a must do once in your life time! About 10,000 - 20,000 people from all over the world come to this beach party to see, feel and experience the sensual vibes of international DJs and beautiful people.

The Thai exchange rate also means you can do it cheaply, on a serious budget!

There is usually at least party 1 every month!

3. Golden Sands, Varna - Bulgaria

                                           The most famous van in Golden Sands. WTF!?

For the backpacker on a budget looking for a bargain and a wild but cheap and affordable party town - you can't beat Golden Sands.

A town specifically built purely for partying on the cheap, this place is one wild night club after another, followed by one cheap hotel after another, all right on a beautiful beach.

Germans and Scandinavians descend on this place every summer and live like Kings and Queens with their excellent currency exchange rate. This place is full of young binge drinking libidos looking for a good time.

Best time to go is May/June/July/August/September. Other times it is mostly a ghost town.

Don't miss out on X HOSTEL -the best known hostel in the region for insane parties.Check out the comments people leave about it. I spent 3 weeks in this non stop crazy place.

2. Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is Europe's Adult playground, its premier party island.

The mix of sun, sand, alcohol, and Greek culture make for an electric party
atmosphere which brings both the rich and not so rich from places as far away as
the US, Australia, Britain, Germany, etc etc.

Something about the island creates an explosive cocktail of freedom where people
 forget it all and are just comfortable and open with themselves and with
others ;)

Best time to go is June/July/August. Other times the island is pretty dead.

There's a good mix of cheap and standard priced accommodation - ranging from cheap beach huts to air conditioned rooms with their own bathrooms. Paradise beach resort (as seen above) is by far the biggest and most popular, but a bit secluded from the rest of the island. Depends what your priorities are - great for wild partying, not so great for service.Check out all the sleeping options for the island here. Not that you'll be doing much of it.

1. Purim in Tel Aviv, Israel.

This holiday is based on the Jewish calendar and changes every year. The dates are as follows:

2011:   Passed.
2012:   March 7-8
2013:   February 23-24
2014:   March 15-16
2015:   March 4-5

This is easily one of the wildest parties I have ever been to. Unlike many Western
countries, Israel is a place where women have no qualms about the male libido. What really made me laugh was when guys would sit around telling dirty stories and the girls would chip in with even crazier stories. Now these are some interesting, not to mention really  hot women. And that is just a general statement - when Purim comes, that attitude gets multiplied by 10 and the street parties go insane!! drunk liberal libidos bring out everything you can possibly imagine at Purim!

I dont know about the other hostels, but the party sure started early at Hayarkon 88 hostel where pretty much anything goes. Check out all the party hostel options here

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