Top 3 Cities in Australia for Nude Holidays

There's nothing quiet like the freedom of being able to take it all off and enjoy walking around your apartment/house naked. Those of you however who would like to take it to the next step and walk around naked with other people, below are some options that might help you release your kinky inner German. Best of all, they are better than cheap and affordable, they are free!!

1) Melbourne, Australia
Easily the most liberal, progressive and affordable city in Australia (except for Canberra maybe which is not so affordable), Melbourne is a vibrant blend of cultures from all over the world living together and sharing their food, languages, traditions and energies.

In what might be considered a young, tiny version of Berlin, Melbourne is a place where unique and different people are accepted and welcomed for their individuality.

Within that, comes a place for affordable nacations and fully legal nudist beaches, such as the one in Sunnyside North.

Free Beaches Australia provides the following directions:

From the city take the Nepean Highway (Route 3) south some 40 km to Frankston. Continue a further 7 to 8 km then look for the sign to Sunnyside Beach. Turn right here and drive down this road for about 800 metres to the car park. Actually you may have to park well short of the car park on busy days, and do be careful of driveways and No Parking signs. Walk on to Sunnyside Beach then proceed north around the rocky point to North Sunnyside.

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2) Sydney, Australia

Australia's largest city - beautiful but almost entirely shallow, Sydney has been described by Melbourne's Lord Mayor as 'having a wallet for a heart'. Even so, despite its shallowness, stress, and image obsessed lifestyle, Sydney is quiet beautiful and has some truly stunning views.

Perhaps due to its warm climate and population size, Sydney has the largest amount of nudist beaches of any city in Australia.

Free beaches Australia describes three:

Obelisk Beach

Obelisk Beach is on the southern side of the National Park area of Middle Head. To get to Obelisk Beach from the city cross over the Harbour Bridge and turn off toward Neutral Bay along Military Road (Route 14). Follow this road to Spit Junction. Continue straight ahead at Spit Junction through Mosman Junction and just after Raglan Street bear left into Middle Head Road. Follow this to the end where it turns into Chowder Bay Road. Take the first turn right. After about 100 metres park your car and follow the track in to this small beach.

Cobblers Beach

Cobblers Beach is located on the northern side of Middle Head. Follow the same directions as for Obelisk Beach but after parking, head north across Middle Head oval and follow the track to the beach. Cobblers is a lovely beach and attracts a large number of boats. It is a great place for snorkelling around the rocks.

Lady Bay (pictured above)

Lady Bay is perhaps Australia's oldest and most publicised nude beach, well used by naturists long before being granted legal status in 1976. But this too was rescinded with the introduction of the new Local Government Act of 1993. Since then however the Woollahra City Council has voted to erect signs and give it legal status under the new laws.

Lady Bay is about 12 km north east of the city at Watsons Bay. From the city head out along New South Head Road (Route 76) which runs into Hopetoun Avenue and on to Watsons Bay. Turn left into Military Road and then drive as far as you can go along the one way streets of Pacific and Victoria. Park near Cliff Street then access to the beach can be gained via a steep pathway at the northern end of Camp Cove behind the Military Reserve.

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3) Queensland, Australia

And then of course there is good old Brisbane in the sunny state of Queensland.

What can we say about Brisbane and Queensland? Queensland is also known as Australia's version of Texas: Rednecks are a common occurrence, this state is known for having voted to refuse daylight saving, claiming that "it would confuse the cows". This is also the state known for voting in Conservative politicians quiet frequently.

But apart from all that, Queenslanders have a beautiful state with truly amazing weather almost throughout the year. Be aware though that their Conservative attitudes to daylight savings also extend to nudist beaches and their are no legal nudist beaches in this state.

There are however 'unofficial beaches' just near Brisbane:

Alexandria Bay

Alexandria Bay is located on the eastern side of the Noosa Heads National Park. It is by far Queensland's most popular free beach and has been used for nude swimming and sunbathing for many years. Most days there are quite a lot of people on the beach, sometimes hundreds on weekends. Unfortunately, in spite of many requests, it still does not have legal status.
There are a few different ways of getting in to Alexandria Bay. First of all you can drive down into the main part of Noosa Heads and turn right at the Hastings Street roundabout then follow the beach road around until it ends in the main National Park headquarters car park. It is then a very scenic 3 km walk into the beach and along to the southern end where the naturists tend to congregate.
Alternatively you can also enter the park from the southern end at Sunshine Beach, either via Solway Drive or Park Edge Road. You can also walk in from Sunshine Beach but it is quite a steep climb in places. The Solway Drive approach is the shortest but parking is very limited and strictly policed, so be wary. Map.

It is also a very real option for residents and visitors in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast to use the nude beaches in northern New South Wales. Full details are available in the New South Wales section."
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So there you have it - the top 3 cities in Australia for nude vacations aka Nacations.