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Let's face it, we are all animals at our core, and as Osho once said "the worst thing you can say to someone is don't be an animal". Men want it, women obviously hunger for it - so what's the problem? Societal norms, our parents, inner critics/superego's and all that other garbage.

Which is why backpacking is so awesome - going to some foreign city where no one knows you and you don't know anyone, you can be and do whatever you like!!

Your away from your parents, your co-workers, even some of your judgmental friends.
Now its time to let your inner instincts go nuts. Time to let the animal out of its cage. But don't be an unconscious animal.

This one is more for the blokes, but women can use it too.
Perhaps this is a well kept secret amongst those of us who Teach English as a foreign language, but Japanese women, love, scrap that, are OBSESSED with Caucasian foreigners (possibly other colours as well, not sure).

Every year, hundreds of men and women from the USA, Australia and the UK move to Tokyo and Seoul to teach English.

It is very common to see incredibly beautiful Japanese girls walking down the street with not so good looking American blokes.


 because white men are like a novelty to these girls - having a Caucasian man on your arm means higher social status amongst your girlfriends. This way the girl gets what she wants, the guy gets what he wants - and everyone reaches at least a shallow level of happy : )

Obviously as a backpacker you can have the same experience.

Find out more about staying in Tokyo here and for Seoul click here


If you are looking for sex with Australian backpackers, this is the place to go.

This place is fortunately/unfortunately swarming with thousands of Australians who go there each year to drink like crazy (as they do at home) and shag like crazy (as they do at home), combine these two attitudes which are already largely built into parts of the culture, with heat and anonymity, and you've got one heavily sexually charged resort town.

Any hostel or bar you find is crawling with them.

Tips on having a cheap trip to Bali can be found here.


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Its funny because in Australia we have this image of the Brits as being these uptight wingers. Whilst the later part is true, the Brits are anything but uptight!!

It seems all those years of cold hearted Conservatism under Thatcher made them all want to explode as soon as the cold witch got kicked out of office.

London has now become the swingers capital of the world.

Its also great if you just book yourself into a hostel and go out for a night on the piss (alcohol) to get some good action, if the above seem a bit too insane for you!

If you're going to stay there, make sure you get a decent price on a hostel by comparing the

If you want to visit
London cheaply, click here for tips.


Forget Amsterdam, this place is Europe's true center of anything goes liberalism.

There is something in the air or the water in Berlin which makes it a truly special city - it is the home of true Bohemia.

It is like the one place in Germany where all the people fed up with the uptightness, repression, suppression, and rules of German society go and live. It is truly a live and let live city - if you want to do something, and it is not harming you or anyone else - then just do it already, is the ethos.

One institution which captures this ethos of personal freedom more than most others, is the famous Kit Kat Club. sums it up quiet well:

The Kit Kat Club in Berlin is one of those rare clubs that has achieved legendary status before it's even been closed. It can chart it's history back to 1994 when a rather liberal Austrian couple decided to try and combine two scenes together: the hippy vibes of a Goa trance party and the hardcore love action of a fetish night. Well you can probably guess the rest. Although the orgies these days are said to be tamer than of old, let's just say that should someone offers you two fingers or four, it's nothing to do with a Nestle chocolate biscuit. If you are planning on paying KitKat Club a visit please note that only highly original, and revealing, glamour/fetish outfits will get you past the door.

If this club is a bit too much for you, you can always try to more conventional but equally hot mainstream clubs.

If you want to visit Berlin cheaply, click here for some awesome tips.


This place is shag and slag central.

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Every year during the European summer, this purpose built tourist city pulsates with groans of pleasure : P

Girls and guys (mostly ages 18 - 30) go there for one thing - to celebrate the end of studies with anonymous, hot and sweaty sex. Nationalities include Germans, Scandinavians, Pols, Russians, Brits, and even some local Bulgarians.

From the insane beach parties, to the sex crazed foam parties, this place has it all.

Not only that, its Bulgaria, so its incredibly cheap! You can find more tips on how to make it a super cheap trip here.

Getting to your destination cheaply
Using a decent website that has all the budget airlines, just write where you are, and where you want to go to, and it will tell you all the possible combinations of budget airlines to take you there : ).

Finding Decent and Affordable Accomodation

Prices keep going up and down depending on demand, so it is difficult/
pointless for me to list them. You will more likely benefit if you look at and compare the prices for yourself. The good thing about this booking site is that unlike its main competitor hostelworld, it doesn't charge a US$2 booking fee on top of the 10% deposit. A nice saving in itself : )

*I Leave you with a final note: Use protection. The choice is easy - protection or disease/pregnancy : which do you prefer? Wear, or make him wear a condom. If its not on its not on.

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