Top 5 Party Hostels Worldwide

"I'm not going to sleep with you, I just can't find a spare bed" said the 22 year old blond as she tried climbing into my bed on the top bunk.

 Being half asleep and even more drunk, my first reaction was to take what she was saying literally and point to the bed across from me and answer "what are you talking about?? your bed is right there!". 

"What a dumb-ass" I thought as I put my drunk head back on the pillow and watched her ashamedly retreat back down the ladder.

It wasn't until morning that I realised I was actually the dumb-ass, and this girl who I thought of as strictly a friend was looking for a rebound after being rejected by her on-again, off-again loser hostel boyfriend. 

The dramas, fun and craziness of hostel hookups seem to come almost nightly and never seem to end if you're a long term traveller.

Check out the wildest party hostels we discovered during our travels around the world - updated:

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