Wombats Hostel - Berlin's Kinkiest Party Hostel Reviewed

flickr credit agroffman

Wombats hostel is our choice for Berlin's ultimate party hostels and being located in the most liberal city on earth, it's not hard to see why. This is a place where anything and everything goes - including some of the most hardcore partying you'll ever experience. 
After you've spent the first few nights hooking up and drinking yourself into a stupor at the party hostel bar (the lounge), wonder over to the nearby clubs for some even more intense partying. Nice and close so you can crawl back without too much effort if need be.

From the welcome drink you get the moment you check in to Wombats hostel to the all night partying at the hostel and at the nearby clubs, you'll leave this ultimate party hostel having partied your ass off. By the way, are you enjoying this article? Why not join me on Facebook to get all the latest updates?

Easy beer
As you can see from the 5 beers rating we've given Wombats Hostel, the beer flows cheap and easy. Some say just like the girls....
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