€10 Flights From Sofia to 32 Destinations All Over Europe this Month. Perfect For Your Next Cheap Weekend Getaway!

Whilst many expats living in Sofia have noticed that the city has become far more beautiful in the past 5 years, routine is still routine and there's nothing like a crazy cheap weekend escape exploring other European cities. 

Since Ryan Air and Wizzair set up new bases in Sofia recently, Sofia airport has been overflowing to the point where passengers are lining up out the front door in some cases!

With prices to 32 destinations all over Europe starting from 10 you can understand why. 

What I can't understand is, how do these airlines make a profit?

(BTW Some of these routes are flown by Ryan Air and Wizz Air. If the prices are about the same and you get to choose one over the other, I would go with Ryan Air as they let you take two bags as carry-ons and their is more leg room)

NOTE: There are only a limited amount of seats available at these very low prices, so better be quick if you find something you like, because other people are also looking at these amazingly cheap flights and no one wants to miss out!


Of all the cities I have explored on foot, Rome is by far my favourite. 

I love losing myself in the culturally rich ancient lanes of the historic centre. 

I love the rich, wafty aroma of freshly ground coffee that comes out of the cafes as I walk past and sharing a carafaki of local red wine over delicious Italian lunch in a trattoria. 

I love the raucous humour and warmth of the locals and the passion that comes out of their mouths with every sentence. 

Airline: Ryan Air 

Prices from €15 (BARGAIN!)



One of the world's most grand cities, London is not just the birthplace of a former empire, but a culturally rich dynamism that is a mix of Anglo-Saxon order and anything goes multicultural individuality. 

The free world class museums are perhaps the city's biggest treasure.

Airline: Ryan Air 

Prices from: €25 (Bargain!)


One of Europe's most amazing cities, Barcelona is a combination of stunning architecture and delightful culture. 

Be careful not to ask for local "Spanish beer" though, they only serve Catalan beer here!

Airline: Ryan Air, Wizz Air 

Prices from €16

The beautiful capital of one of the world's greatest old empires, Madrid is a rich multicultural city of excitement, elegance, and wonderful food. 

A weekend escape here will make sure you forget all about the office. 

Airline: Ryan Air, Wizz Air 

Prices from €20


Milan is well known as Europe's capital of elegance and sophistication. 

Beyond it's fame for fashion and design it is a city that houses many inspired art collections and the prestigious opera at La Scala.

Airline: Ryan Air/Wizz Air

Prices from 19 (BARGAIN!)


Such a stunningly beautiful city, I really couldn't resist using double the amount of pictures! This place is like a step back in time into a place that looks and feels like something out of a fairy tale.

From its beautiful labyrinth of streets filled with secret passageways and it's imperial palace, to the masked creatures that come out at its world famous Carnevale, it is a mystery that awes, excites and inspires. 

A must see at least once in your life. 

Airline: Ryan Air/Wizz Air

Prices from 12


Alicante is an amazing city with a castle, old quarter and beautiful beaches. It's main talent however, lies in it being a university city, with a large student population. 

This means that it is also known as a 24/7 party place with wild nightlife. Think of Studentskigrad but with beaches and bikinis. 

If you're looking for a fun, exciting getaway from ho-hum Sofia, this is the place for you.

Airline: Ryan Air, Wizz Air 

Prices from 65



Another unique city of the old Empire, this is one of the few places in Spain that successfully stood up to Franco's attempts to redesign the city during the civil war and won. 

As a travel destination, it has a wonderful vibe and exciting cultural, eating and nightlife scenes. 

The people here have a passion about them that is more obvious than in Madrid or Barcelona.

Airline: Ryan Air, Wizz Air

Prices from 23



A city that is world famous for an architectural mishap, Pisa has many beautiful, noteworthy sights worth seeing.

 Apart from the famous tower, it is also full Gothic churches, Renaissance piazzas and Roman design. 

Also be sure to check out the beautiful Tuscan beach (see image below). 

Airline: Ryan Air/Wizz Air

Prices from 15 


The birthplace of Western civilization, Greece is a magical land like no other. From the moment you step off the plane to the point you look up at the Acropolis sitting atop the city, you know you are stepping on the magical soil of Hercules, Socrates, and Dionysus. 

Apart from being one of world's rare open air museum-cities, Athens is also the gateway to the world famous Greek islands. A rare, unmissable treat!

Airline: Ryan Air

Prices from €10 (Bargain!) These used to cost 75-100 Euros one way before Ryan Air!

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