Another beautiful morning on the island of Crete, Greece. Beds starting from just US$12 per night.

Most people don't know there is a simple trick to get a cheaper flight on an airline's website.

I discovered this trick while using talking to a Turkish friend 
of mine who said he had seen flights on Skyscanner from Turkey to Australia
for only 400 euros return.

I told him he was dreaming, until he loaded it up on his phone and I saw it for myself. I was kind of shocked because usually the price is 900+ euros return so I wasn't sure what the heck that was

When I returned to Europe from Turkey I looked at the price once again on Skyscanner and it was back to where it normally was.

I asked him to check again and again it was around the 400 euro mark.

"What the f is going on?" I thought.

Does Skyscanner just not like me or what?

I decided to do a little experiment.

I went to Skyscanner and tweaked the country I am supposedly located in to set it to Turkey (the option to do so is at the very top of the screen where it has the flag of the country you are currently in and a change option).

And boom! I got the same result albeit in Turkish liras which I then converted to euros so I could compare.

The prices didn't stay that low for long, but I learned from this trick that where you buy your tickets from makes a big difference.

This is because there are different travel companies in different countries that are offered differing deals by the airlines!

Then recently I read an article on (which I had linked to on facebook) that said the same thing but different in that it tells you to set the country to Columbia.

So I tried it and it turns out buying tickets from "Columbia" is even cheaper than in Turkey.

I'm not sure how long this nifty trick will stick around 
until the airlines catch on, so try it out now for yourself.

5 Easy Steps
1. Go to Skyscanner
2. Change the country to Columbia
3. Choose where you want to go and click search.
4. Go to and convert the Columbian Pesos to your currency
5. Open an incognito/private window and repeat the process but this time leave the location as your home country and see the difference!

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