The Trust Factor - The 3 Tips You Need To Ensure You Aren't Mistaken For An Axe Murderer On Couchsurfing (And Score More Free Accommodation)

1) Fill out your profile fully.
This means not only having as much info about yourself on there as possible, but also as many photos as possible.  

Some of the photos should have you alone in them but most of them should show you with other people, preferably laughing.

When the person with the available couch is looking through your application they are going to check your photos to ensure you are not a psycho.

Many photos showing you with groups of people tells the unconscious mind of the viewer that you have been accepted into many groups and that you are safe.  

2) Get other people to verify your non psycho status

On your profile you'll notice there is a section where people can comment that they have met you and their impressions of you. You can get your usual circle of friends to comment here, but it's also a good idea to get others that you've met in the couchsurfing community to write you reviews. How to meet these others? if you visit the couchsurfing message board of your home location, you'll see on the right hand side there is a list of upcoming events.

3) Get verified by Couchsurfing.
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