Me at my happiest...

Nothing makes me happier than disappearing to a beautiful quiet beach on an island undiscovered by tourists. No responsibilities, nothing to think about, no particular way I need to act or be - just pure freedom.

Me, nature and preferably a nice girl or two ;)

This is when I feel I'm at my best - relaxed, alive, and genuinely happy. It's like a feeling of peace and pleasure at the same time.

I left my full time 9-5 job in Australia in 2009 to travel the world.

At the time I was waking up every morning feeling bored and empty with the routine of life. 

As I kid I always dreamed of touching the Pyramids one day and stepping foot in Caesar's palace (I used to read a lot of Asterix books).

As a boy I felt so curious and alive and full of joy and adventure and as an adult I felt like it had been trained out of me. 

The message it got replaced with was "Life is not an adventure, life is hard work and being a good sheep and doing what everyone else around you is doing without question. Forget yourself." 

And whilst stuck in this 9-5 "life",as I looked around at other adults I felt they'd also lost that bright light in their eyes. 

So in January 2009 I decided my life was not going to be wasted sitting behind a desk for the next 40 years like a soulless robot.

I quit my job and bought myself a ticket to Egypt.

I flew there, travelled through the Middle East and into Europe and then beyond that into the Americas and Asia.

My sense of excitement and feeling alive returned. I continue my adventure of living and travelling abroad today.

When I tell this to people, I am often told I am mad, or how can I afford to be travelling for so long?

What most of these people don't know is that it's easier than they think. I've become a pro at budget travel and finding jobs on the go. 

My Compass

Freedom. Everyone has the right to travel and see the beauty of our world, regardless of how thick their or their dad’s wallet is. 

The beauty of travel belongs to everyone, not just some elite few. 

There are those let’s call them “gatekeepers” who would prefer you live a boring “life” of 9-5 until you are too old and of no use to them anymore - you know, the ones who advocate the “work till you drop” mentality.

Those who are happy to be 5 star all-inclusive package tourists, whilst you slave away at your job day in, day out, like a hamster stuck in a wheel.

Then there are those who refuse to buy this story, those who overcome the pressure to live out the rate race mentality that everyone else is - and instead demand to live life on their terms. 

The courage of those who know there is another way - a way of life that they create, based on their values and their beliefs. 

Freedom, fairness, and above all - adventure! 

The adventure and freshness of the new in every day, whether inside or out. 

The excitement and thrill of feeling alive again, free again. 

This blog and the book I am currently writing on budget travel was written as a dedication and gratitude to you.

May you live life on your terms following your heart’s unlimited desires. 

Because when you truly don't care what anyone thinks of you, you have reached a dangerously awesome level of freedom.

I sincerely hope that this book I'm writing becomes a roadmap in helping you live the free life.

I will release it in July 2015.

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