F.A.Q. To Freedom

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(Above, the beautiful Greek Island of Santorini)

There are many roads to freedom. Below are the top 5 questions people often ask me about how to live the free life abroad.

I want to travel long term/preferably forever.  How do I finance my freedom?
These should help your dreams come true:

How do I find the cheapest flights?

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How would it feel to walk along this beach tomorrow afternoon? The beautiful island of Santorini (Greece). Budget travel hostel beds lower than 10 euros per night.

How do I get a visa for the moon?
No matter where you are going, Google is your best friend for this as visa rules change often. Simply google  "Indonesian visa for Australians". Obviously replace "Indonesian" with the country you are going to and "Australians" with your nationality.

How do I avoid making mistakes on the road?
Mistakes happen to all of us whilst traveling,  but here are some big ones to avoid The 10 Reasons Backpackers Fail.


Enjoy the warm embrace of Santorini's stunning sunset from 10 euros per night

Where are the wildest party places around the world people go to get wet and wild?
Top 5 Wildest Party Hostel Pleasure Hotspots On Earth
Earth's 10 Most Wet & Wild Music Festivals

How do I afford freedom without doing po*n / selling my body / trafficking drugs?
I get this question a lot, though not exactly with those words, but you get the gist I think - so I wrote an article on it - 30 Ways To Pay For Paradise Without Selling Your Body.

To Travel Is To Live.