Top 5 Tips for a Crazy Cheap Trip to New Orleans

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I love this city. It may well be my favourite (and I've been to nearly 100 cities worldwide). It's like a place out of a fairy-tale - the people are wholesome and warm to complete strangers, people live in what look like real life doll house replicas, and the streets are full of liveliness.It is a wholesomeness you see in movies and think it can't actually exist in real life.It's truly a unique place.


With public transport being probably the cheapest in the country, you can forget about car hire in New Orleans (It's also unnecessary as you can get anywhere you need to in the tourist areas with the many trams and buses). Get a $3 day pass/Jazz pass from the driver of any bus or tram/street car which gives you unlimited access to all public transport for the day. There is also a public bus called E2 from the airport which only costs $1.50. Ask at the airport information desk for specific directions on how to use the E2 to get where you need to go.

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Budget Accommodation New Orleans

You have two major budget accommodation options here. You can either try hostelbookers, or as I did, I stayed at a great place called Rosie's Cove which is cozy, affordable, close to the center, and has a focus on sustainability. In addition to this it's a 1 minute walk to the streetcar/tram which will take you directly into the city for just $1.25 - bargain!

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The cheapest place to eat New Orleans cuisine is at a place called Verti Mart which is in the French quarter and offers Kajun, Creole and American food at the cheapest prices in town. Address is 1201 Royal Street.

If you want something different you can also try Nirvana Indian Cuisine on Magazine street. $10 lunch buffet every day and $10 buffet Thursdays and Sundays. By the way are you enjoying the article? Why not join me on facebook to be kept up to date with all the latest updates and upcoming bargain travel deals?


There are free festivals all the time in New Orleans. Use the same resources the locals do - checkout the Gambit and Livewire for most up to date events all year around.


I recommend starting with Free Tours by Foot - government accredited tour guides offer three free tours. I recommend the French Quarter tour and the Ghost Tour. The bike tour is also worth checking out.

 There is also a free government funded ferry service that crosses the Mississippi river where you can get a great panoramic view of downtown New Orleans. You can catch it from the Riverwalk mall at the end Canal street.

If you have an interest in local history, politics and art, the universities offer free lectures to the public on all of these topics. Checkout the calendars of Tulane University and Xavier University.  For those who are curious, the libraries of these two universities also offer in depth detail on the birth of Jazz and other history.

Thanks to Jennifer from Rosie's Cove for helping me write this and travel on a budget!