Top 5 Hostel Pleasure Hotspots Worldwide

This a guest post from one of my best friends whom I met whilst partying in Israel. He is a true traveler in every sense of the word and has seduced, tasted, and experienced a girl from nearly every country on earth. Having seen him seduce random girls on the street in a matter of minutes, he is perhaps the closest thing Europe has to its own Tucker Max. Below he reviews the top 5 wildest party hostels.

When it comes to partying I love big hostels because you can always meet guys that match your party character and girls that match your level of looks with their level of horniness.

Loki, La Paz (Bolivia)

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Best hostel parties in South America. La Paz is located between Uyuni and Machu Picchu, which seemingly every self respecting backpacker has to see. For a change to those outdoor spectacles, people love to party here. Loki has branches in Cusco, Mancora and Salta as well, but Bolivia is cheaper than Peru and Argentina and La Paz offers less sightseeing. Meaning everybody gets smashed on a daily basis over here in the big bar / dancefloor / speed dating location (Where are you from? What is your route? .... My dorm or yours?). Getting completely drunk at the bar will cost you less than 10$, max 15$ if you're eastern European

Next to the Loki is another massive hostel called Wild Rover. It is almost as good so feel free to stay there if the Loki is booked solid. More importantly both hostels have motto parties every night and welcome guests from other hostels in the bar. For you this means twice the chance to find the love of your life or at least the love of your night. 

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Something Extra: 

If you want to do something unique, pick up a ball and some new found friends to play soccer on one of the countless grounds. La Paz is located on 4000m altitude and your lungs will never forget the experience.

Rising Cock, Lagos (Portugal)

Are you a drink-loving Australian who has traveled to Southern Europe? It's nice to indulge in reminiscences, right?  The background story of the hostel has something to do with a Portuguese rooster, but as a matter of fact more with hard cocks and balls that get emptied nightly with a regularity that have made this hostel legendary.

For your parents: The city sounds just like the capital of Nigeria but I promise, its nothing like that. Picturesque houses, beautiful beaches and deceptively quiet until the bars get their brightly polished beer bongs ready to fire.

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Wombats City Hostel, Berlin

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Best panorama view over a European city and best bar game. Impress your peers by throwing a Euro coin in the jug behind the bar and share the won shots. Right now Berlin is for having the best parties in Europe - so get there before some expensive city like London or Paris is mistakenly called the hottest again.

Its a safe city so get as drunk as you want and do whatever the suppressed parts of your personality feel like doing. 
Consume drugs (police will just take them away or ask for a hit), fuck a stranger in public (don't do it under the Lionbridge in Tierpark unless you are a guy and into passive anal. Great people watching though), insult policemen (they act like non-violent discussing parents) or go to a darkroom in Berghain (or straight to KittyKat Club where the darkroom is the whole club but the best DJ's in the world perform here).

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USA Hostels, Los Angeles

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No matter how smart you are, riding around in a stretch limo with bouncing music and a lot of booze will always make you feel like you're a pimp (if you're a guy) or you are a damn sexy lady (if you're a girl). A lot of people come back from LA saying they expected more of the city, if you don't want to belong to them book the tour.By the way, are you enjoying this article? Why not join us on Facebook  and Twitter to get all the latest updates?

In general, if you are a great looking girl, you will have all the fun you want for free in this city. If you are a guy and have money to spend, the world is yours. Life is simple in LA. If you don't fit one of those categories and you want to party on your own it can start to get complicated.

If you don't belong to those people who know the bouncer because they usually tip him to the ground or had their face in magazines you have to wait in line. A long time. If you don't feel like partying, still walk the streets of West Hollywood on any given weekend night. Just two words: Eye massage. Not a lot of cities can match that amount of blatant beauty that gives you fantasies when you go home alone or pride when you score and can think back to it for the rest of your life. 

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Something extra: 

Thinking back to Berlin, try to get drunk and insult a bunch of cops over here in LA. You will get the trademarked LA police-beat down if you don't try to resist the treatment. If you do you typically get one shot in the heart and two in the brain or at least extensive experience with a bunch of tasers.

Disguise yourself as a superhero. LA loves entertainment. Make some tips on the Walk of Fame. Or whisper dirty tip-alternatives in the ear of barely legal all-american girls in miniskirts. Kill yourself like River Phoenix in front of the Viper Room if you feel world weary. If there's nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire (Only if you're famous and a drug addict).

Hayarkon 48, Tel Aviv

This hostel is like a kind of mediocre looking girl you are not too interested in until you find out that shes is up to do all kind of crazy things in the bedroom. Do yourself a favour and include the night of Purim in you stay. If I had the option to stay one night of Purim here or one week in a spring break destination, I would never choose the latter. You can still convince american girls to flash their titties in Israel (they can't help themselves) or introduce that fine tradition to the beautiful Israeli girls. I've heard about a lot of places where people get so drunk they are up for everything, but here I actually experienced it.

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