Sick of Getting Ripped Off Whilst Traveling? This One Tip Will Save You A Bundle of Cash

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This tip is not just about saving money whilst traveling - because often we budget travelers can make the mistake of saving as much money as possible 

whilst going to a city, but not really fully allowing ourselves to experience the place. This tip is unique in that it allows you to do both - save money AND

get a thorough experience of the city. And the great news is that you can do it in most major cities in Europe. Scroll down to see the cities (the pictures)

where you can use this tip and also to find out exactly what this awesome bit of information actually is!


So what is this tip?


Free, guided group tours of every major city in Europe. The tours are given by an organisation called Sandeman's New Europe Tours.

In my experience no other group or organisation can give you so much for so little - a thorough, imaginative and creative experience 

and understanding of the local culture for little or no cost! Basically it works like this -


You all (as in broke ass backpackers) show up at a designated spot, and this trained tour guide gives you a tour of the city (about 2 hours). At the end, you pay 

what you want to pay (what you thought the tour was worth) or what you can afford - if you didn't like the tour you can walk away, no questions asked. By the way, are you enjoying this article? Why not join us on Facebook  and Twitter to get all the latest updates?


I've taken their tour in 4 cities - Amsterdam, Jerusalem, Berlin, and Prague. I was impressed with all of them - not simply because their guides had a good

understanding of the cities, but also because of the way they presented the information - it didn't feel like some boring lecture where the lecturer stands up the front

and talks in a monotone way. The tour guides were energetic, dramatic funny, and even passionate about what they were presenting.

You could tell they really loved what they were talking about and knew how to animate the information and make it interesting.

What's even greater about joining these tours is that these tour guides are a wealth of local information. This means you can basically ask all the questions you have

on saving money whilst in their particular city - ie how to save on public transport, where to eat local cuisine without paying the tourist price, what discounts are 

available for particular museums etc etc.You have an amazing human library right in front of you, and because they want to get as high a tip as possible from you (as is normal for a tour guide), you can bet they do their absolute best to help you!


The locations below reflect some of the locations where Sandeman's New Europe Tours operates:




Madrid (One of my favourite cities) 












You can find Sandeman's website and find more details here.     

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