Maldives Top 3 on a Budget

3) Welcome to Cocoa Island, of the Maldives

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Flickr Chi King

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2) Kani

Steps for how to get to Paradise on a budget....

 1) Flights
If you are traveling on a budget, don't just go to your travel agent, they usually will not be able to give you the best deal as they need to factor into the price their own commission, and the commission of the company they work for.

 I suggest going to three travel agents and getting quotes from each - tell them you don't care via which airport you fly through, you just want the cheapest flight. This will let you know the cheapest low cost airports to fly through in the connecting flight to the Maldives (it's unlikely that it will be possible to fly direct without any stopovers). 

Once you have the price range and the names of the low cost airports, enter the information into Skyscanner and see what comes up. I find that 9/10 time, Skyscanner is cheaper.

2) Accomodation
You do not need to stay on the particular island that you want to experience - all islands are pretty close to each other and your hotel will tell you how to reach them.

There are 3 main islands where you can book accommodation. Prices on average hover around US$150 but if you shop around you'll find that Male has the cheapest options starting at around US$80 with good reviews by customers.

 To save some money, be sure to book through a website that compares several hotels according to price and conditions. Don't just go direct to a hotel's website and book because usually their prices there are high because they don't have to compete against other hotels. They have your full attention already! 

Also be sure that the site your are booking through doesn't charge you a booking fee on top of the deposit you pay them!  Did you enjoy this article? Why not join us on facebook and get the latest updates?

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