Top 5 Sexiest Beaches in Australia for Love Sex and Backpacking on the Cheap.

Australia is well known for its relaxed attitude and athletic bodies. Whilst most of us don't actually look like that (it is a fantasy we sell to tourists), this post will show you were you can go to find these sizzling hot beach bodies.

5. St Kilda Beach, Melbourne
Not just an awesome beach, a very cultured bohemian suburb to go with it, with awesome clubs, bars and backpackers hostels as well.

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                          4.Manly Beach, Sydney
Easily the most image conscious beach in Australia. Many, many beautiful bodies! If that's the only thing you're into, this is the place for you.


3. Coogee Beach, Sydney
Backpacker heaven. Cheaper than the other beaches in Sydney, and full of life.


2. Surfer's Paradise (Gold Coast, Queensland)
Laid back, lazy, easy to get what you want ;) if you know that I mean. Many many many tourists tho.

1. Main Beach, (Gold Coast, Queensland)
Despite the highly imaginative name, this beach is hugely popular not just with the locals but with interstate and international visitors.
A nice combination of surf,street style, and culture, make this the top pick for Australia's beaches. If you've enjoyed the read, feel free to join us on facebook.

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