Love, Sex and Backpacking on the Cheap: World's Top 5 Party HOSTELS for it

"I'm not goi
ng to sleep with you, I just can't find a spare bed" said the 22 year old blond from Arkansas as she tried climbing into my bed on the top bunk.

Being half asleep and even more drunk, my first reaction was to take what she was saying literally and point to the bed across from me and answer:

"What are you talking about?? Your bed is right there!".

"What a dumb-ass" I thought as I put my drunk head back on the pillow and watched her ashamedly retreat back down the ladder. 

It wasn't until morning that I realised I was actually the dumb-ass, and this girl who I thought of as only a friend was looking for a rebound after being rejected by her on-again, off-again, slightly crazy, "public sex only" hostel boyfriend. Yes, that sentence means exactly what you think it does.

The dramas, fun and craziness of hostel hookups seem to come nightly (and sometimes several times per night) and never seem to end if you're a long term traveler. 

Check out the wildest, most debauched freedom loving party hostels we discovered during our travels around the world - updated for 2015!

Hostel #5. X Hostel, Alicante - Spain

One of the original party hostels, X Hostel Alicante is known for its wild nights, every night. 

The staff are well known for making everyone feel included and part of the awesomeness that explodes throughout the night. 

Don't be surprised if you walk out of this place which a huge smile on your face, knowing that what happens in X Hostel, stays in X Hostel.

The hostel is located in a Spanish student town (which makes things even crazier), is reachable using budget airlines, and is open throughout the year!

Beds starting from just 13 euros per night>

 Hostel #4. Rising Cock Hostel, Lagos, Portugal.

Yes, that really is what it's called. 

Set up by two Portuguese-American brothers in 2004, this place became internationally famous as a party hostel very quickly.

Be prepared to leave it all behind and party!

No need for introductions at this place, everyone is very social. 

Common room is one of the best ever for a hostel - the "Mama" of the house makes the best crepes every morning and takes care of every resident in a way that only a good mother knows how. 

The owners of the house have a great sense of what events to plan and make sure that the hostel is enjoyable 24/7. 

So many people here fall in the love with the Rising Cock, and in combination with the location, this paradise is one of the best party hostels in the world!

Beds starting from just 15 euros per night>

 Hostel #3 X Hostel Varna / Golden Sands - Bulgaria.

Set up by an Italian-Irish permanent traveler, X Hostel Varna (Bulgaria) was one of the first real 24/7 party hostels. 

The owners (co-owned by an American ex-peacecorps volunteer) and staff go out of their way to make sure everyone is included in the madness so don't come here if you're looking for some sleep! 

The story at the top of the page happened to me at this place and we've had some of our best parties here! 

This place along with its sister hostels in Spain and in Romania have the biggest cult following we've ever come across in a party hostel - at last count we heard 107 people got X hostel permanently tattooed on their bodies!!! 

If that isn't a ringing endorsement of how much people love these 2 hostels I don't know what is.

Go for it!

Beds starting from just 8 euros per night>

Hostel #2 Base Hostel, St Kilda (Melbourne) Australia

If you think these photos are wild, wait 'till you see what we can't show you in photos. 

Definitely the kinkiest hostel to make it onto this list - this Base hostel (there are others) is located in what is probably one of Australia's funkiest areas - the beachside suburb of St Kilda. 

The suburb is famous for its liberal sexual vibe and this definitely extends to the hostel.

Get your piece of the action while it's still hot!

Hostel #1 Pink Palace, Corfu Island, Greece

This hostel paradise is THE definition of freedom.

This place is more than just a party hostel - this is party city and shag central. 

So many things to do you won't want to leave until you are forced to. 

You'll be experiencing sizzling hot Mediterranean nights on the secluded Greek island of Corfu with like minded people who have come here for one reason only: to have the time of their lives! 

Enjoy the following experiences by day:

  • Boat cruises on the Mediterranean
  • Cliff diving 
  • Beach hopping (booze cruise) 
  • 4-Wheeler Quad Safaris and rentals 
  • Kayaking Tours 
  • Scuba diving 
  • Snorkeling 
  • Fishing 
  • Jacuzzi Chill-out 
  • Private beach sunbathing 
  • Panoramic mountain views accessible on-foot 

Wild Nights:

  • Hostel's own Palladium Nightclub Huge variety of cocktails and booze. Cheep beer - a pint for just 1 euro
  • Toga Parties
  • Theme and Greek nights 
  • Greek Dancing 
  • Ouzo Circles and Plate Smashing
  • Eat at the roof garden bar and restaurant whilst overlooking the sea enjoying the most breathtaking views of the sunset and Agios Gordios Bay. 

Check out availability here >


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